You Get What You Pay for – Office 365 Free Migrations

Beware of Free Office 365 migrations from other companies

When you’re deciding to get into an Office 365 plan, choosing the right company to help you with the migration is crucial. There are some who offer a free migration of data if you decide to purchase Office 365 through them, but that free migration is not what it seems. As with anything in life, you get what you pay for. Some ‘free Migrations’ make you use other services they provide with a contract that obligates you to them and only them for a set period of time. You are locked into that company and their, ???????Office support for 1 or more years??????? with no ability to migrate out data to a different platform in the future. Plus, you only get to choose the plans that they offer – not the full array of office 365 plans available. That means you will pay for services you don????????t need or want, or have to pay for add-ons. Most of these free migrations only give you a certain ???????free migration time???????, like 90 minutes, then you pay for any migration that takes longer than that time. Other companies offer you the migration information and tools for you to do the migration yourself, and that????????s their ???????free migration??????? that you receive. That means you have to modify your DNS records yourself from your other hosted email company into Microsoft. As well, you then would need to migrate each mailbox hoping nothing goes wrong – like data loss. Some ‘Free Migrations’ only migrate the mail in the Inbox and nothing else, like subfolders. You end up having to pay for any extra folders with emails, calendars, and contacts, and still have to use their support on their time. This is usually limited technical support of 1 hour per month. If you have an on-premise Exchange server, you still need to decommission it after the migration, so you don????????t have your business emails pointing to 2 different Exchange Servers. The ‘free services’ will have you deal with that on your own or have you pay a premium to accomplish this which will likely cost more than doing a proper migration from the beginning.


With Systech, we provide an honest migration cost without hidden fees without catches or inflated rates to make up for a bogus ‘free Migration’. We quote out the time required for the migration for your amount of users. We professionally migrate ALL your data to your new Microsoft email and train you on how to use your new Office 365 services. Migrating email takes time and depends on several factors; the size of the user inbox, folder sizes, distribution lists, and amount of public folder data. Always remember nothing is for free, and you get what you pay for. Don????????t be fooled by ‘free migrations’. Always ask questions and find out what you are really paying for. If you want a quality migration service, done right the first time – without any gimmicks or hidden fees – then call Systech and let our team of experts get you migrated successfully.