Windows 10S Is Already Being Cancelled

Last year Microsoft revealed their plans for a lightweight version of Windows 10 with the intention of competing with the Google Chromebooks, especially in the education K-12 market. The “S” in Windows 10S was supposed to stand for “simplicity” but when Microsoft is involved that’s never the case. Now, because nobody likes or has any real use for Windows 10S, Microsoft announced their intentions of including Windows 10S as a “mode” for all Windows 10 Operating Systems.

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Initially, Windows 10S was going to be offered at a reduced price with the option to pay more and “unlock” the full Windows 10 Operating System. It seems like Microsoft finally realized that their customers don’t like paying extra for things that should be included and according to the Windows VP Joe Belfiore on the Windows Blog,

“We expect the majority of customers to enjoy the benefits of Windows 10 in S mode. If a customer does want to switch out of S mode, they will be able to do so at no charge, regardless of edition… We hope this new approach will simplify and make it possible for more customers to start using Windows in S mode: a familiar, productive Windows experience that is streamlined for security and performance across all our editions”

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