Windows 10: The Customer Journey


Windows 10 will be releasing soon and here is what you need to know from a business standpoint and a consumer standpoint. There will be 3 different branches that Microsoft will be releasing to the public. The consumer branch will be the most restricted in feature set and be forced to take all updates that Microsoft pushes out. The Education and Enterprise users will have the option of an additional, “Current Branch for Business” (CBB) allowing them to take security fixes as available but there will also be the option to delay new features for a period of time. Furthermore, according to a ZDNet article by Mary Jo Foley, “Windows 10 Enterprise customers will have the greatest set of Windows 10 services options (CB, CBB, and/or Long-Term Servicing Branch, or LTSB.) LTSB will enable users to delay for up to 10 years the delivery of new features to users’ Windows 10 devices.”


It has also been announced that Microsoft will not delay CBB users from new features indefinitely. Windows releases July 29th, 2015 so hurry up and reserve your free upgrade today!

Check out this video for additional information on licensing, updates, and the direction Microsoft will be taking Windows 10.