Why Every Business Should Have a Domain vs Workgroup Environment


In business computing there are two standards when using Windows: Domain vs Workgroup environments. As a business owner or IT manager, it is critical to understand the benefits and drawbacks of both types of IT environments so that you can make the best possible decision about your company’s IT future. This is especially important when capacity planning, when expanding your workforce, or when planning major IT upgrades to your environment. You can end up spending more time and money in the long run without the correct IT infrastructure in-place.


Domain: A group of computers that can be accessed and administered with a common set of rules.

Workgroup: A group of computers that are on the same local area network (LAN)


Workgroups are typically found in homes, and small companies with less than 5 computers. The major difference between a workgroup and a Domain is the centralized management of security settings and network resources. In a workgroup, management of security and resources are dependent on each device. A good why every business should have a Domain is printer or file sharing; In Domain environments files and printers are network resources and are allocated to each workstation. In a workgroup, printers and file shares must be individually added to each computer. In a home or business with 2 computers this might not be a problem but when you start to approach 10 computers this becomes very difficult and tedious to manage correctly.




Security is individual to each endpoint

Security is centralized and administered via a Server

Corporate resources must be added to each endpoint adhoc

Corporate resources are added to the Domain and made available without the need to configure each endpoint

Not meant to scale up whatsoever

Scalable for future growth




Need support converting your workgroup environment to a domian network? Download our infographic to learn more about the benefits of working with an IT Services firm.