WD40 Knows the Value of Their Secret Formula

Recently, WD40 has hired a security company to move their secret formula – Water Displacement formula, version 40 created in 1953 – to a new location. According to the company’s CEO, “We just move out our secret formula yesterday to a new bank vault.” with the help of Brink’s Security. Many other companies also have similar concerns where protecting secret or proprietary information is key to their business’s success. While it’s clear that WD-40 knows how valuable their formula is, it’s not clear that other businesses take the same care. This is especially true when talking about data that lives in a computer somewhere. How do you prevent a disgruntled employee from walking it out the door? How do you stop them from printing it or emailing it?


Well We Have the Answer

If you need to prevent ex-filtration of important data before it happens we can help. A software vendor that we work with, called Armarius, has a suite that can not only notify you of a suspicious action or possible data-loss it can also stop it before it costs your business what could be millions. The cost to businesses is more than simply a lost customer or a lost vendor, and goes as far as impacting company reputation or your foothold in a competitive market.


Cyber Liability Insurance

If you have concerns that your secret or proprietary data is not being protected (aka has the ability to walk out the door), let’s have a conversation about how we can help. We also work with a cyber liability insurance provider and can help you select the coverage most applicable to your business.

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