Top 10 Costume Ideas for Your Inner Geek


With technology becoming more mainstream and widely available to all it’s no wonder geeky costumes are becoming all the rage. We have compiled a list of our top 10 favorite costume ideas for your inner geek. 


  1. The Copy Cat is cute and clever 

    Source: buzzfeed

  2. 404: Costume Not Found

    Source: The Odyssey

  3. Emoji 

    Image result for emoji mask costume
    Source: The Pinterest

  4. iPhone

    Source: Instagram

  5. Game…girl? This gameboy costume is sure to turn heads

    Nintendo Gameboy Tube class=lazyload Dress
    Source: GeekAlerts

  6. X-files throwback: Mulder & Scully

    Scully and Mulder From The class=lazyload X-Files
    Source: PopSugar

  7. The Snapchat Ghost

    Source: YouTube

  8. A Sim

    A class=lazyload Sim:
    Source: Buzzfeed

  9. The Iron Chef…literally !

    Iron class=lazyload Chef:
    Source: Buzzfeed

  10. Uhhh Jake…from State Farm

    Source: Reddit

Let us know what your favorites!! The best part about all these costumes is the quick prep time. We hope you have a fun and safe Halloween!!