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This Month in Tech

Spark is the Future of Big Data

There are lots of cool interesting things going on in the tech industry as big data and big players are working together to create next generation technologies. According to an article by Ron Miller of Tech Crunch, “IBM today pledged it would devote 3500 researches to the open source big data project, Apache Spark…IBM has plenty of money, and it????????s hoping that by committing its resources to open source projects like Spark and OpenStack, it can????????t pave the way to new business in the future as it continues to try and redefine itself as a company.” Spark is a fast and general engine for large-scale data processing that can combine SQL, streaming, and complex analytics and offers 80 high-level operators that make it easy to build parallel apps. Head over to their website for more detail about this community driven project from IBM http://spark.apache.org.

Facebook Friends with Ireland?

According to Blathnaid Healy of Mashable, “Facebook is reported to be planning a new $224 million data center in Ireland, which will mainly be powered by renewable energy.” Data center director Rachel Peterson stated, “Ireland has been a home for Facebook since 2007 and today’s planning application demonstrates our continued interest to invest in Ireland.” Chief executive of IDA Ireland, Martin Shanahan, stated that, “the news that the company wants to build its second European data center in a regional location such as Meath will cement the relationship [between Ireland and Facebook].”

T-Mobile S6 & S6 edge get Android 5.1.1 Update

Looks like it finally happened! The T-Mobile S6 & S6 edge get the latest android update to version 5.1.1. This update provides new features and improvements like anti-theft features and several issues that were resolved. The easiest way to update is to go into your settings and under system click about phone. In order to properly update be sure you have at least 50% battery life, a solid data connection, and the storage space on your device for a 635.45MB file.

North Korea Shuts Off 3G

According to an article by Jamie Condliffe of Gizmodo, “While North Koreans struggle to access the global Internet, restricted instead to their domestic content, foreign visitors and residents can pay for 3G access which affords them relatively unrestricted access to international pages. Now, though, the country’s mobile phone provider Koryolink has announced that’s been halted-at least for now.” There is no update as to why the Mobile internet provider has cut-off service, nor is there an expected ETA for service restoration.