ThinkPad’s Brick After Changing BIOS to UEFI

Personally and professionally we tend to shy aware from Lenovo after reports of Chinese malware and keylogger software (superfish) made its way onto laptops worldwide. Now, there is another reason to stay away from Lenovo manufactured equipment – certain settings are causing these devices to become ‘hard bricked’. A hard brick is when there is a software glitch that causes the hardware to become an expensive paperweight. The only solution being to replace the hardware. According to Benjamin Herzig of, “newer Lenovo ThinkPads are potentially bricked when a certain option in the UEFI-BIOS is enabled. If the user activates the option “BIOS support for Thunderbolt” or “Thunderbolt BIOS Assist”, there is a chance that the system hangs at the next reboot.”. This problem appears to be specific to the following models:

  • ThinkPad P52
  • ThinkPad X1 Yoga 2018
  • ThinkPad P52s
  • ThinkPad P1
  • ThinkPad P72


While Lenovo is aware of the situation, the only real resolution is a replacement motherboard and there has yet to be a firmware-patch released to fix the issue.

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