The “Your PC Is Infected” Pop-Up: How to Recognize a Scam


We’ve all seen this pop-up scam at one time or another. We are going to show you how to recognize a scam such as this. These days, with technology everywhere and information at your fingertips it’s much easier for scammers to play upon people’s behavioral patterns. This is the exact purpose of the, “Your PC is infected” pop-up scam where your screen gets frozen and a pop-up tells you that the only way to fix it is to call a phone number for support. This is so successful because people’s natural inclination is to call and get this fixed immediately. Whatever you do – DO NOT CALL THIS PHONE NUMBER! This actually happened to my uncle a while back and he made the mistake of calling the phone number. The fake support technician then installed a remote access tool on his computer after my uncle let him in. Long story short, they stole about $2500.00 from his bank accounts (since he saved his passwords in his browser) and the cost of reloading his workstation. Below is an example of this scam in action:



If you see this message do your best to close the pop-up window or the entire browser if necessary. Sometimes the pages do not let you close them out so if this happens try holding the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys at the same time to open the task managed and then finding your internet session and ending the task.



If this does not work try restarting the computer as a last resort. If you tried all these things and you are still experiencing issues – contact your support professional to remove any malware that might be on the computer.

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