The Business Benefits of a BYOD Solution


If you don????????t know what BYOD is, don’t be concerned because you are not alone. BYOD stands for bring your own device. Many companies face the decision whether to allow employees to bring and use their own personal devices for corporate purposes. There are many benefits of a BYOD solution for your organization beyond enabling your mobile workforce.


1. It’s more cost effective and will save you money.

The average laptop costs about $600, tablets $200, and cell phones $300-$600 dollars. If you have 20 employees that require a work device you????????re saving $4000 by having them bring their own (not to mention data costs, maintenance costs, setup and configuration costs, etc.).


2. Employees are more likely to take better care of their personal property, reducing the cost of potential damages to the device.

An employee using their own device also puts the cost of repair and replacement in their hands.


3. Device familiarity is another advantage of BYOD.

A user is more like to be efficient with a cell phone or laptop they are used to using on a daily basis. For me personally, I have temporarily switched to an iPhone from android. It took me awhile to get used to the layout of graphical user interface, and the features of some applications. With my android phone I know how to access my apps quickly and complete any given task efficiently. There would be no need for any additional training to use the device.


4. A BYOD solution in conjunction with corporate usage policy will limit your company’s liability. 

This is a huge motivation for most companies as corporate data and personal data gets housed in separate containers on the employee’s device. In this way, IT personnel can wipe the corporate data from the device if it gets lost or stolen without also deleting personal data which has been the subject of a few court cases in the recent past. (


When all is said and done corporations largely benefit from a BYOD solution accomplanied with corporate usage policies.  To learn more about creating your BYOD policy be sure to {{cta(‘0810191a-1fda-4555-b39f-4db0cb6ad85d’)}} 




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