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The Benefits of Managed IT

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Managed services are not all created equal. It is important to choose an IT partner that is aligned with your business goals. A partner you can trust. Systech has partnered with hundreds of customers and applied our experience with Manufacturing, Distribution, Construction, Healthcare and other fields to benefit our customer partners. Our history of delivering enterprise level, core infrastructure technologies to small business makes us uniquely prepared to provide your business the following benefits of managed services.


Profit – Many managed service providers will say that managed services will save you money. That is not always true. You may actually spend as much as you are now,  or more money.Yet, your company will receive the maximum value for your IT expenditures and that will make your business more profitable. You get more for less. You will be able to predict and control your IT expenditures. Every dollar your company spends will provide a real and tangible benefit.


Stability – Systech has designed all of our plans to provide IT stability for your business. This is the key to turning your IT resources into a profit generating sector of your business. We make sure your IT resources are always accessible. Costly downtime and loss of employee productivity will be eliminated. Recurring incidents will be eliminated. This will increase your company????????s profitability.


Recoverability – Our managed services plans provide your business the ability to recover from any interruption to the IT services of your business within hours and minutes, not days. When Systech applies our processes for backup and disaster recovery, you can know that your business is protected.


Capacity –  Capacity is your business????????s ability to grow and perform the tasks which generate revenue. Sometimes capacity is increased due to the outsourced managed services taking the common maintenance tasks off of the shoulders of the internal IT personnel. Thus, freeing their time to work on strategic projects. Capacity is also gained from the more effective management of assets that is achieved when Systech applies our software tools and IT best practices to your business.


Efficiency – This is a key component of managed services that is not talked about enough. Efficiency is where the rubber meets the road. Business benefits from technology when technology is used to make business processes more efficient through automation. Some managed services plans will provide strategy and business process assessments. Our Professional IT engineers, with years of experience, are made available to your business. They will analyze data, listen to your goals, review your processes, and provide forward looking IT strategy. The costs for these types of benefits for small business can easily exceed one hundred thousand dollars a year, for the salary of a qualified IT engineer. When provided in a managed services plan this benefit becomes affordable.


Increased staff confidence and focus – When the IT resources of a business can be counted on to be available and fully functional, your internal personnel have greater faith in the capabilities of the organization. This increases productivity and enhances the corporate culture. Systech helps organizations through managed services such as the IT alignment process. Systech will identify, document, and audit IT systems. This will make your business more effective and profitable. Empower your personnel to excel.


Only you know what is best for your business. Speak with your Systech account manager to have them help you find the ProActiveCare plan that meets your business goals. The sky is the limit, and the possibilities are literally unlimited. Release you company from the burden of managing IT resources internally and let the seasoned professionals at Systech help you achieve your goals.







Jack C Prager