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Technology: A Changing Landscape

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As technology advances and becomes more readily available we will notice significant changes in the way we interact, behave, and learn within’ our daily lives. The next 20 years will yield amazing devices and interfaces that our grandparents couldn’t begin to dream of but is this increase a good thing? Many people have a natural reticence towards change, so how will we adapt to new tech?




I believe that as our manufacturing abilities and subsequent processes for creating these technologies advance we will notice a great shift towards enabling the user. This, in my opinion, is starkly different from (most of) the existing technologies we utilize today because in this day and age we hide behind it. It serves as a barrier to socialization. Our phones, tablets, and computers serve as an isolation point instead of a social enabler. Now, you may be thinking, “Well what about all social media sites I can go on from my devices?” I would say that social media is a technology that does, in fact, counter-intuitively isolate people from one another. There are studies that suggest that workers who utilize social media sites while at work are more productive due to the rapid exchange of thoughts and ideas from different social circles but an increase in the breadth of information (big data) does not equate to an increase in social behaviors. We don’t see kids playing outside because they are all inside ‘chatting’ online. We see this dynamic shift of anti-social behaviors being brought on by advances in technology. The change that I think we will see is technology will start to conform to daily life and augment it, as opposed to hindering it. Take a look at the video below by Corning, Inc. to see some of the possible future tech and you will notice that every task or activity in the video is being augmented by technology as a tool to learn, explore, and better yourself. It no longer presents a barrier to social behaviors as is has in the past.


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