Cloud Solutions

The Cloud Isn’t as Robust as We Thought?

In the last few months we have been seeing more and more cloud outages but why? The Cloud was supposed to always be available so what happened? When major cloud provides like Amazon and Microsoft go offline due to something as simple as a typo – we might want to rethink our opinions of the cloud and really evaluate its role in business.

Who Cares About the Cloud?

I saw an email the other day. The subject line read, ???????You can????????t have a conversation about modernizing your business without talking about the cloud???????. Well I hate to break it to everyone out there selling Cloud Solutions, Systech does as well, but the Cloud is not a panacea for all the technology challenges a company may face. The Cloud is just another solution. Do I agree that we must consider Cloud solutions as options to meet the needs of business?  Yes of course, but you don????????t start with the solution – you start with the problem or challenge. The best cloud for your business might be no cloud at all. So who cares about the cloud? 

The Best Cloud for Business: AWS vs Azure

Picking the right cloud for your organization can be a daunting, complexed decision. While there are many cloud providers available we will be discussing the two largest: Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. While both public clouds offer features like self-service, instant provisioning, autoscaling, security, compliance and identity management features there are specific features that may sway your decision towards one or another cloud. The major differences between the two are price, licensing, hybrid support, reliability, and support for other platforms.