Success With Managed IT Services for Golf

Today I will be talking about how a new client, Riverside Golf Club, achieved success with Managed IT Services for golf. The end result is a more stable, agile IT infrastructure with a vision for the future. But how did they get there?


When we began working with Riverside Golf Club they expressed angst with the current state of their IT systems. They experienced poor network performance and issues that would constantly resurface. Their previous IT provider offered poor response times and did very little in the way of solving the root issue. They had provided no strategic vision and over time these issues grew into larger systemic problems that ultimately impacted their members experiences, their employee productivity, and their bottom-line. The cost of poor performance and downtime began to have an impact on their profits – so they got in touch with us.



We began working with Riverside to identify the existing issues to find out if we could help. After their initial assessment we were able to generate a plan tailored to their organization. This plan addressed the end goal and was two-fold: 1) To correct the systemic issues in the present, and 2) To get a plan for the future of Riverside Golf Club’s IT infrastructure. Therefore, this plan included a series of small projects to correct the existing issues and a managed services agreement to maintain the systems once corrected.

After onboarding Riverside into our Golf Managed IT Services and working our way through the small projects which were prioritized by the need, RGC now has a stable, agile network free of the recurring issues. Regarding the small projects, one was a network switch replacement. We were able to significantly reduce network latency by replacing their switching with gigabit equipment (10 times faster than their previous 10/100 switches). Once we completed a project, the updated systems were covered under the Managed Services Agreement. This prevents a recurrence of an issue by constant ongoing management and support of these systems. We then corrected a wireless coverage problem that was causing interruptions in serving their members in a specific outdoor restaurant and bar area. Now the servers can reliably take orders and print tickets so that the orders get out to customers in a timely manner without issue. This not only increased their employee productivity but also helped improve their organization’s reputation, their members satisfaction It has also increased the staff moral and confidence in the systems they use to conduct daily operations. This process streamlining created efficiencies that not only reduced costs and increased operational capacity, but furthered Riverside Golf Club’s ability to generate income.

Systech now works closely with Riverside to maintain the high level of operations by providing ongoing technical support, quarterly technical risk assessments, and strategic vision for the future of their IT environment. 

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