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SQL 2005 End of Support



Dear Customer,
If you are using any SQL Server versions earlier than SQL Server 2014, it????????s time to consider upgrading to take advantage of groundbreaking improvements in performance. Support for the following versions of SQL Server has either ended or will end soon, which means no more security updates, increased maintenance costs, and potential compliance concerns.
Be aware that:
SQL Server 2005 extended support ends on April 12, 2016.
SQL Server 2008 mainstream support ended on July 8, 2014, and is in extended support until July 9, 2019.
While these dates may seem distant, now is the time to design a migration plan. We can help you move your applications that currently rely on SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2014 or Microsoft Azure SQL Database.
There is tremendous value available in upgrading to the latest version of SQL Server. Benefits include:
???????Significantly improved performance. Benchmarks show SQL Server 2014 performs 13x faster than SQL Server 2005 and 5.5x faster than SQL Server 2008.*
???????Additional performance gains from in-memory technologies for OLTP, data warehousing, and analytics.
???????Simplified updating and maintenance as well as more online processes.
???????Easier than ever high-availability.
I????????d like to set up time with you
I????????d like to set up time with you to start planning a transition that will provide you with the security features and reliability you????????ve experienced over the last decade with SQL Server 2005, plus the added value of the features now included in SQL Server 2014. You also have the opportunity to migrate entirely to the cloud with Azure SQL Database or to implement a hybrid cloud with SQL Server 2014 and Azure.
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To learn more, give us a call or stop by our office so we can explain the benefits, share success stories, and guide you through the next steps for a smooth transition for your organization.
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Clif Prager
This communication and any offers contained herein are brought to you by Systech Information Services, Inc. 
*Performance gains based on TPC-E benchmark results published for SQL Server 2014 (www.tpc.org/4069) and SQL Server 2005 (www.tpc.org/4001) as of October 8, 2014.