Sprint Deal with Comcast on Horizon


Sprint is said to be in exclusive talks, until the end of July, with Charter Communications and Comcast over potential wireless phone service offerings according a recent article by The Wall Street Journal. Reportedly, these exclusive discussions have put the merger talks between Sprint and T-Mobile on hold to eventually include the the possibility of the cable companies’ equity stake in Sprint. In May, Charter and Comcast joined together in efforts to compete with other wireless service offerings and hope to leverage their combined size to negotiate better contracts resulting in more choice for their consumers.

Ultimately, Charter Communications and Comcast will look to bundle these wireless voice services with their TV, internet, and LAN line phone offerings. The cable companies are likely attempting to stay competitive with AT&T after their acquisition of DirectTV in 2015 – which launched them to the second largest provider in the US. Last month the cable giants said that they would jointly


“explore potential opportunities for operational cooperation in their respective wireless businesses to accelerate and enhance each company’s ability to participate in the national wireless marketplace.”


The verdict is out as to whether or not their new service offerings will be competitive with other wireless voice services but for now Xfinity Mobile is now available so you can check it out for yourself: https://www.xfinity.com/mobile/ .


xfinity-mobile-pricing | source: https://www.xfinity.com/mobile


Charter Communications will be launching a similar offering due to launch in 2018. There is no doubt that if Comcast, Charter, and Sprint strike a deal that Comcast will be able to bolster their Xfinity Mobile services (currently handled by Verizon networks).