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Social Networking Means More Productive Employees?

According to Lynn Wu of the University of Pennsylvania in a paper titled Social Network Effects on Productivity and Job Security: Evidence from the Adoption of a Social Networking Tool there is a stunning correlation between the use of information-rich networking (through social media) and work performance and job security. The study suggests that productivity, measured through billable revenue, is increased when employees discuss topics that aren????????t directly related to business. This breaks the traditional notion that social networking leads to personnel inefficiencies. Furthermore, the author goes on to state the reasoning behind this mechanism, ???????By linking unconnected groups, the brokers, who bridge these structural holes, are endowed with early exposure to novel information and can act as hubs to facilitate information flow between otherwise disconnected groups.???????

Today, many corporations are leveraging employee-only intranets to facilitate internal communication and administration. Additionally, a recent study by Evolv illustrates the same correlation between productivity and social media usage and according to an article titled Social Media in the Workplace: Does it Impact Productivity? by Barbara Siegel of Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, ???????the activity on social media may over time, enhance certain skills that contribute to better performance in the workplace.??????? Of course this must be metered as utilization of social media to excess is detrimental.

It????????s overwhelmingly clear that social media is playing a large role in today????????s business practices and will, over time, be increasingly prevalent. Now is the time to connect your employees and encourage communication. There are many solutions out there for promoting internal communication like Microsoft????????s Lync, a corporate instant messaging platform available through Office365. There are more robust and fully featured software like Igloo software offering document management and sharing, version control and commenting, blogs, discussion forums, ???????Spaces???????? for ongoing employee interactions. Don????????t fall behind the curve!