September Power User Tech Tips


Welcome back to our 3rd issue of our Power User Tech Tips. Today we will be reviewing some commonly overlooked yet powerfully productive features of Windows 10 that will save you time. As always – leave a comment if you think something should be showcased and was not mentioned. If you’ve missed the previous issues feel free to check them out:





In Windows 10 you can hover your cursor over another window and scroll it using your scroll wheel – without the need to click the window. This is a huge productivity saver especially for those with dual monitors as you can actively work on one screen, scroll another on the other screen, and continue to work without having to click. (e.g. typing an email in Outlook on your primary screen while scrolling the other and continuing to type). 



If you are using a mobile device (laptop, tablet, etc.) the battery saver. To enable it, go to settings>batter saver and make sure it is setup. You can configure it to activate based on estimated remaining battery life and it will change certain settings to extend the remaining charge. It will do things like reducing the screen brightness, limiting the background apps and push notifications. 



If you are like me, then you often need to save a document but do not necessarily need to print it out and waste all that paper. With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has finally built-in a PDF printer allowing you to print a document to a PDF. It’s painfully easy to use as well – you just click print like you would normally but select the Microsoft Print to PDF printer and a dialog box will pop up asking you where to save the document.



Another huge productivity saver involves setting the default applications for specific things. This is small but will save you time from continually having to close applications that pop-up by default. A great example is Microsoft’s Edge browser or Internet Explorer. I use Chrome so when I click a link from an email I don’t want to have to close IE then launch chrome, copy the link from the email and paste it in. Instead, I set Chrome as my default browser and now it launches by default everytime I click a link. To do this make sure you have your preferred application installed then navigate to Settings>System>default apps. Or you can click the windows key and type “Default programs” and hit enter. 


I hope that these tips and tricks will save you some time. Thanks for tuning in to our Monthly Power User Tech Tips series. Be sure to check back next month for more productivity tips and tricks. 

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