Recurring Issues Conquered. Partnership Achieved


Seven Bridges Golf Club, a 4-Star rated course by Golf Digest, provides a golf experience unlike any other. Seven Bridges is recognized as one of the top 5 public courses in the Chicagoland area. It’s a public course with a private course feel. Our Dick Nugent designed, finely-manicured course boasts a bucolic setting featuring 100-year-old oaks, picturesque lily pad ponds, and, of course, at least seven bridges. Following your round, you can enjoy a meal and drinks at the best 19th hole setting anywhere, The Dock, which offers great dining and sunset views.


Seven Bridges Golf Club had recurring IT Incidents and an aging infrastructure like many organizations. Though they had a Managed Services provider, they just could not seem to achieve the results that were expected. Communication between the provider and Seven Bridges were limited, and it really did not feel like a partnership. Incidents and costs were still climbing. How did Systech change this for the better?

  • We interacted with the managing personnel to understand the overall goals of the business.
  • We gathered information and provided detailed reporting on the current state of the IT systems.
  • We boiled down the reports into actionable recommendations that were prioritized to match Seven Bridges’ requirements and goals.

We identified early on that there were some immediate needs that needed to be addressed to assure that Seven Bridges Golf Club, were able to make the most of the upcoming season. One of the causes of recurring incidents was the primary server was beyond its useful life and the Operating System was out of mainstream support. This being such a significant component to the overall health of the network, we worked with Seven Bridges to replace the system and update the applications. This then provided the core stability for the primary services which allowed us to then work our way through additional issues until we achieved the service levels both Seven Bridges and Systech were expecting.


Seven Bridges is now receiving the technical support they expect. Issues are being dealt with in reasonable time frames and problems are being eliminated. They are receiving qualified recommendations on future needs that align with their business goals. Management is now able to have clear vision into their IT assets and can manage the technology of their business like they do every other aspect of their business, with knowledge, good information, and controls that lead to overall business success. The “Band-aid” solutions which lead to increased costs and recurring incidents are a thing of the past.


Systech’s ability to assess the current IT environment and chart a long-term course is changing the culture of IT use at Seven Bridges. Stakeholders in the Managed services project and end users are seeing the results of having Systech on their team. Users are beginning to understand that they don’t have to suffer with workarounds for issues that were left undealt with in the past. The users are gaining more confidence in the systems and this is leading to an increasingly efficient working environment. The recommendations and methodologies Systech has deployed will lead to long-term costs savings and a stable IT environment.

No Recurring Issues

The root cause of these issues has been addressed which gives users more confidence in the IT systems while also making them more productive.

A Plan for the Future

Now that there are no more issues, it’s easier for Seven Bridges to focus on their business’s future. And with our IT budgeting and strategy planning, they are able to allocate the right resources to their future goals.

Better Reputation

Not only do the employees benefit from a more productive, supportive technology landscape – so too do Seven Bridges Golf Club’s customers benefit. Better levels of customer service and fewer issues with technology means that Seven Bridges looks better to their customers.

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