99.99% Uptime With the VMware Private Cloud


Semblex supplies fasteners for many large customers such as the big three automotive manufacturers (Ford, GM, and Chrysler). To supply companies such as these, with “Just-in-time” inventory systems and other demanding processes, Semblex required 99.99% uptime. IT downtime, in this case, directly relates to losses of revenue. Systech was tasked to enable high availability via a VMware private cloud solution.


Semblex has a campus in Elmhurst with multiple locations in an area of a few city blocks. Resources are spread across the campus. Systech needed to understand the organizational structure and functions to be able to provide a comprehensive solution to maintain the necessary services and determine the most probable causes of service outages. We also needed to take into consideration the needs that went beyond the IT functions. These included the ability to maintain the shipping functions. Therefore, our plan had to include the ability to maintain warehouse lighting, dock functionality, and safe working conditions. The solution was to implement VMware virtualization and leverage high availability. We also engaged our industry partners to implement the necessary services for Semblex that included the installation of a generator to maintain electrical capacity for the warehouse and dock during an outage. Redundant tie lines, including fiber cabling between the campus buildings, were installed and redundant internet connectivity was also installed.

Determine services that require high availability beyond just IT.
Understand organizational structure and existing resources available. 
Design and implement a comprehensive plan to support ‘just-in-time’ fulfillment. 


Competitive Edge

With the completion of this project, in combination with their home-brew ERP and packline system, Semblex rose well above their competition. Their advanced capabilities and IT agility have set the bar for their competitors.

Industry Reputation

Semblex is now known as one of the top industry leaders. This project provided immediate benefit to Semblex by increasing their ability to not only service their customers, but exceed their customer’s expectations in a heavily regulated industry.

Reduced Downtime

Semblex’s private cloud built on VMware increases options and makes their business more agile and capable of expansion as business needs change.The direct cost of IT downtime as related to compliance and corrective action issues has been eliminated.

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