October Power User Tech Tips


With everyone gearing up for the holiday season and striving to get everything done before the year end it’s even more important that you and your team members are as productive as possible so this month’s article will feature productivity and time saving apps. In case you’ve missed our last installments of the Power User Tech Tips I have listed them below. 

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This months issue will feature time saving productivity apps. 


  1. LibreOffice – How many of you edit and manipulate PDF documents? Not just signing documents and adding text but rebranding, changing the design, adding images, etc? We’ll I was tasked with removing the old logo from PDF documents and inserting our new logo (they were very old documents to say the least). I do not have a pro version of Adobe and since I do not edit PDFs that often I didn’t want to spend the money in order to use the application 1 time. I tried opening the documents in word but the formatting got thrown off and I couldn’t edit it very easily. I came to find out that LibreOffice can open PDF documents as well. After tring to open the documents in LibreOffice Draw (the open source version of MS Publisher) I was astounded to learn that it does a far better job than Microsoft Office. To do this you will need to download and install LibreOffice. Once installed, open LibreOffice Draw and open your PDF file. Once you make your changes be sure to select, “Export to PDF” from the file menu.
  2. PowerBI Desktop – If you are working with excel files on a daily basis (or perhaps SQL for those more technically saavy) then you will likely benefit from using PowerBI Desktop. This is a free application from Microsoft for visualizing and displaying data from excel files, SQL, OData feeds, and much much more. There is a strong integration between PowerBI and excel that allows you to quickly and easily view important data trends, create rich reports, and charts. It’s all drag and drop making it relatively easy to accomplish but there is a slight learning curve. Go here to download this application. To add an excel file as a data source click, “get data”. 
  3. Snipping Tool – Windows has a built in screen shot app that makes sharing images of your screen very easy. It’s not as robust as paid tools like Faststone (which has a 30 day trial by the way) but it gets the job done. To launch the Snipping Tool hit your Windows key then start typing, “snipping” and click enter. This will launch the application. To take a screenshot just click new and select what you want. You can then save the image or copy and paste it into an email to send out. It’s really quick and easy and allows you to get what you need vs the old school ctrl + PrtScn.
  4. CCleaner – Every so ofter your computer will begin to start running sluggishly. This is normal and expected from regular usage as the computer accumulates junk over time. This is normal but will begin to negatively impact workstation performance so it becomes good practice to periodically clean up your workstation. CCleaner is the most effective way to do this but be careful since there are options to delete internet history, saved password data, and even the entire hard drive. 
  5. Outlook 2016 – You may be asking yourself, “Why is he talking about Outlook? Its been around for ages.”. Well, since the release of Outlook 2016 there are some awesome new features that keep me productive. The most notable is the integration with the Windows 10 file explorer and the attachements button. Outlook knows that a file was recently modified and puts these most recently modified files at the top of the attachements dialog box. 
  6. Skype for Business – This is one of my favorite apps that I use more than daily. This allows me to communicate with my team from where ever I am. Whether I’m in the office or they are working remotely or I’m on site at a customer I can speak with, message with, or video call any coworker at any time. And as a big bonus Skype for Business also provides presence information (available, busy, on a call, in a meeting, away, etc.) for each person. What’s even cooler is that this presence information carries through into Outlook and other Office applications for a seamless experience.  And below is the view from an email in Outlook. 

Well, thats it for this months Power User Tech Tips. Comment below what apps you use to stay productive and save time. For those looking for more information about Office 365 I suggest you {{cta(‘d6f1ee4d-d722-417f-9244-98faaf2aa97b’)}}. 


I hope you enjoyed this months issue and stay tuned for more…


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