Microsoft’s Underwater Datacenter


Microsoft is currently testing underwater data-centers under code name project Natick. Putting electronics underwater may seem like a bad idea but these submarine like capsules are water proof and according to the New York Times sustainable for up to 5 years with out repair. If these capsules are meant to be submerged for 5 years at a time without repair this will require major innovations in server technology. Developing more reliable server technology is not only good for Microsoft????????s underwater data center program but for consumers and businesses as well. These new data centers are also environmentally friendly. Noise emitting from the capsule is minimal so not to disturb the ocean life around it and a shift in temperature of the water is only noticeable within a few inches from the surface of the capsule. Microsoft plans to build these data-centers out of recycled material and utilize the motion of the oceans water for power. Cold ocean water is also more efficient for cooling the electronic components compared to air in turn cutting costs of A/C bills traditional data-centers face. On top of being environmentally friendly, innovative and cost cutting Natick data-centers will reduce latency speeds to user living in coastal cities. Data centers are typically located in rural areas with allot of land. So the ability to have these data-centers closer to coastal cities will reduce the time it takes for those users to access data.