Microsoft Stream for Office 365

Microsoft has released a new Office 365 video product called Stream. Microsoft Stream is a video sharing app for companies that resembles YouTube. You can add videos, organized by channel and hashtags, and share them with your coworkers.  Stream would be useful for sharing training videos, clips for collaborating on company videos such as advertisements, or informational videos for blog writers. Anyone in your organization can upload videos. Stream gives you the ability share videos across your entire organization, with a select group, or keep the them private for yourself. Microsoft claims employees are more likely to comment on a video with their opinion and feedback rather than speak up in a large company meeting. This would be especially useful for keeping employees engaged and getting fresh ideas within a large company. The layout of stream is very intuitive and allot like YouTube. The homepage has a section for trending videos, popular channels in your company, and recommended channels. A familiar layout makes the product easy to use and won????????t require much training time. Uploading videos is very easy, you can choose a file from a location on your computer or you can also drag and drop a video right into Stream. Microsoft even has videos and documentation to show you how stream works and how to use it right on stream the website.

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