Microsoft Scammers Get a Taste of Justice

In a startling turn of events New Dehli police have arrested 63 suspects across 26 call centers that were engaging in illegal technical support scams.

Microsoft commented on the situation stating,

“The raids resulted in the seizure of substantial evidence including call scripts, live chats, voice recordings and customer records from tech support fraud operations.”

The intervention by the Delhi police force come after legal complaints were filed by Microsoft earlier this year. It’s a nice turn of events to see justice being served to scammers who routinely target the less-technical technology users to exploit a profit. 

If you think you might be the target of a scammer purporting themselves to be Microsoft you can submit it to 


So happy to hear that they were caught! I had many phone calls from people pretending to be Microsoft techs and did report them. People have to learn to not give any information over the phone to anyone who calls them unless the call was pre-planned!

Thank you so much for this information!

Diane Santucci

Hi Diane,

I couldn’t agree more! Glad you enjoyed the article.

Thank you!

Sadly, 63 people is just a drop in the bucket. More needs to be done.

Definitely – it’s really a shame that more of these predators don’t get caught.

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