Outlook 2016 Not Remembering Your Password?

Microsoft outlook 2016

Why does Microsoft Outlook keep asking for my password?

There are many reasons why your Outlook 2016 application doesn’t remember your password. For example, you might notice that every time you open your Outlook or restart your computer it asks for your password. Sometimes this is turned on specifically in the application settings to ensure security. Often, this is more commonly due to a saved password having changed. This causes Outlook to ask you for the correct password before displaying your email data.


So how do you get Outlook to remember your password

  1. Close your Outlook Application (& Skype for Business if you have it installed)
  2. Click the Windows Key
  3. Type “Credential Manager” and hit enter
  4. Click the button for “Windows Credentials”
  5. Delete all entries that start with “MicrosoftOffice…” and contain your email address (see image below)
    Credential Manager Microsoft Outlook 2016
  6. Now re-open Outlook. It will ask your for your password. Type it in and select the “save password” checkbox. This will create a new entry in your credential manager and Outlook will stop asking for the password every time you open the application.


Alternatively, if these steps didn’t correct the issue then you might have a corrupted profile and recreating it could help you. To recreate your Outlook profile simply:

  1. Close Outlook (& Skype for Business if installed)
  2. Click the Windows Key
  3. Type control panel and hit enter
  4. Within the control panel search for mail
  5. Click show profiles
  6. Click Add
  7. Type the name of your profile (e.g. Work, Corporate Email, etc.) then click OK
  8. Enter your name and email address if it doesn’t default in automatically
  9. Click Next
  10. Click Finish
  11. Navigate back to the mail window
  12. Select the newly created profile in the Always use this profile dialog box.
  13. Click OK
  14. Restart your computer or logout and log back in.


As always – if this does not correct your issue please give us a call and our technical team will get it squared away for you.