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Microsoft Introduces Windows 10

Windows 10 has got everyone excited and here’s why:


Microsoft Edge Browser

The coolest new feature in my opinion is the ability to write notes, doodle, and generally mark-up a webpage and then share that with your friends or colleagues.



There is the added functionality in the address bar search which makes it easier for you to find what you’re looking for and it keeps everything in one place.






The Start Menu

Back to basics. Microsoft made a point to include the traditional start menu but with a slight twist. Now you can pin live tiles to the start menu and search or control your device without much hassle. This coupled with “continuum” means that you can have a seamless experience across any device whether it’s a tablet, phone, or desktop. Very cool stuff! (it basically turns your phone into a little, fully functional windows computer)











All in all there are tons and tons of added features and functionality making Windows 10 seem almost too good to be true. Lets all hope Microsoft delivers!

For more about Windows 10, check out Microsoft’s website