Microsoft Ending Support for Windows XP/2003

It has been a long time coming, but the end of support for Windows XP and Server 2003(including Small Business Versions) is coming on April 8, 2014. According to, Windows XP usage worldwide is hovering around 28-29% as of January 2014. This is largely to do with how well XP was originally adopted, and how well it still seems to function. With Microsoft ending support, many users may wonder how exactly this move will affect them.

With Windows XP and the Server 2003 OS family no longer being patched, this leaves all users extremely vulnerable to infection. Most patches essentially repair any security loop holes that are found in the operating system. Security patches don’t seem to do much on the outside, but they keep the attack surface as low as possible to prevent virus and malware infections.

Another issue users will encounter is software compatibility. As software gets ever more complex, many developers will not put a focus on ensuring software is compatible with Windows XP, including Microsoft themselves. The Office 365 collaboration platform will also stop supporting Windows XP, as well as older versions of Office(pre-2010).

Systech puts a huge focus on keeping our customers’ workstations and servers updated and patched every week. We always recommend staying current with all versions of these applications to avoid business critical issues. If you need to get your computers upgraded from Windows XP, Systech can assess your environment and create a plan to get your machines current. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 630-241-4747.