Microsoft Bookings: A Publicly Available Scheduling Web App

What is Microsoft Bookings?

Microsoft has released a new Office 365 web application to allow your customers to schedule appointments with your business. This new product is simple to use and let’s your customers select the service they want. Once selected, they can choose a date and time based on availability you provide. The benefit is that you don’t have to email and call back and forth to get a meeting scheduled. Microsoft Bookings will then add the appointment to your employees calendar accordingly. As well, anyone can access your bookings page without the need for an Office 365 account. The publically available URL looks great on any device to make it easy to get things done.


Reduce Missed Appointments

According Microsoft’s blog article, “Bookings sends your customer an email confirmation right after they book, with an option to quickly add the appointment to their calendar.” They continue on to say, “Bookings allows you to set up a reminder email, which is sent based on how much notice you want to give before the appointment.”. If a client needs to reschedule they will no longer need to call you. Now, they can make self-service changes to their appointment with a few clicks. Also, you can specify how much notice is required to move an appointment giving you more control. Since your customers aren’t the only ones who miss appointments, bookings automatically adds the appointments onto your employee’s calendars. The best part – it also integrates with Google calendars and with


Manage Bookings from Anywhere

Furthermore, all your bookings are stored in a single, centralized calendar. You can re-assign bookings to available staff members, create bookings on behalf of the client, and quickly see which employees you have available. Beyond accessing your bookings through the web, Microsoft is currently developing a mobile app as well. Further, as your business grows so does your company’s needs. Bookings allows you to create multiple booking pages and quickly add new staff members as your workforce grows. There are no added costs for you to create additional booking pages. As well, your additional staff members aren’t required to have Office 365 subscriptions either.


What’s the Catch?

Microsoft Bookings is only available for Office 365 customers that have a Business Premium subscription. You also have to enable the first release program from within their Office 365 tenant. The word on the street is that Microsoft will be rolling this out to their enterprise E plan customers but there is currently no ETA. As well, only a single user in your organization needs a Business Premium license for Booking to be available to your Office 365 tenant. If you want to check it out, and have the necessary licensing, we can enable you for Fast Track releases and it will show up in your portal.