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July Power User Tech Tips



Systech is beginning a series of helpful tech tips and shortcuts that will enable everyone in your organization to be a power user. This will increase your productivity and save you time. We will be showing you how to be the most productive while you are computing. We are going to start with the things everyone should already know before diving into more advanced computing tips and tricks. So, without further adieu here are July’s Power User Tech Tips.


Tips & Tricks

  1. Copy – Ctrl + C

The keyboard shortcut for copy it Ctrl + C. To use this shortcut you will need to highlight/select the text or items that you wish to copy then press and hold the control key. With the control key pressed also press the C key and the highlighted item(s) will be copied to your clipboard.

2. Cut – Ctrl + X

This shortcut is the exact same as the copy shortcut but will cut the highlighted items as opposed to just copying them.

3. Paste – Ctrl + V

The items that we just cut or copied now live on your clipboard. To paste them somewhere else you can right click like normal or you can use the Ctrl + V shortcut. To use this hold down the control key and press the V key.

4. Undo – Ctrl + Z

We have all used this command before at some time. When you are using an application and need to undo the most recent action you can use the shortcut to save time. Just hold down the control key and press the Z key and the latest action will be reverted.

5. Lock your PC – Windows logo key  + L

I personally use this shortcut all the time!! This is used to lock the screen on your PC and secure it so that others cannot access your computer. Whenever I step away from my desk or run to a meeting I use this shortcut to secure my workstation. Simply hold down the windows logo key and while holding it down, press the L key and your screen will lock.


Stay Tuned for more!

That’s all the tips and tricks we will be discussing this month. Please stay tuned for the latest and greatest tech tips so that you can be a power user!