IT Cost Calculator

Our IT Cost calculator will help you calculate both the direct and the indirect costs of the IT for your business. Furthermore, we factor in the cost of your human resources along with the cost of lost revenue and lost productivity. To find out how much your IT costs your company – Enter the values below.

Please note: we do not record or store any data that you enter on the form below. This is simply informational for your benefit.

Organizational Information

Annual Revenue
Number of Employees
Average Employee Hourly Rate
Total Annual Employee Payroll
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Staff Costs - Vendor Management

Average hours per month spent performing vendor management tasks
Total Monthly Cost of Vendor Management{{monthlyVM() | currency}}
Total Annual Cost of Vendor Management{{yearlyVM() | currency}}

Staff Costs - IT Management

Average hours per month spent by IT staff performing IT functions
Average hourly rate of IT staff
Total Monthly Cost of IT Management{{monthlyITCosts() | currency}}
Total Yearly Cost of IT Management{{yearlyITCosts() | currency}}

Productivity Costs

Number of hours downtime per year
Number of minutes lost each day due to inefficient IT systems
Total Yearly Employee Productivity Loss Cost
{{yearlyProductivityLoss() | currency}}
Total Yearly Revenue Loss
{{yearlyRevenueLoss() | currency}}
Total Yearly Cost of Productivity Loss{{yearlyProductivityCosts() | currency}}

Current IT Costs

Current Cost of Outsourced IT Services
Total Current IT Costs{{yearlyOutsourcedITCosts() | currency}}


{{totalcostofit() | currency}}