How to Opt Out of Google’s Creepy AI Calls

Last year Google freaked out the world with the presentation of their artificial intelligence, Google Duplex, that could make a phone call to perform simple tasks on your behalf like making a reservation or asking about the business hours. While these calls are actually from someone making a request, you may want to opt out of Google’s machine learning system. Since Google allows it’s AI to opts all businesses with a Google Business page into receiving these calls, you must take action to disable it.

Thankfully, this is fairly easy.

If You Have a Google Business Page

Login to your Google Business page. You will see a menu on the left hand side, click on “info”. This will open details about your business on the right side. There will be a tab called, “Google Assistant Calls”. Uncheck the option to disable the ability for people to call you via the Google Assistant.

If you do not have a Google business page, you will not be opted in. That being said, there may be a page for your business that you are not aware of. If this is the case you will have to claim ownership of the page before either deleting it or disabling Google Duplex Calls.

Here is an article with more information that will help guide you through the process: