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How to Ensure Workstation Performance

In order to provide maximum function and performance of a corporate network there is a requirement to understand and implement standards. In this way, you can ensure not only performance but reach levels of stability, reduce overall issues, and limit the time spent troubleshooting when things are not right. The first thing to establish is a baseline. This baseline should cover the organizations most common requirements for computer workloads. So let????????s discuss some basic computer components:


??????? An Operating System is the software that supports your hardware????????s basic functions (Android & iOS are phone Operating Systems. Windows 7 & Windows 10 are computer Operating Systems).
??????? CPU (Central Processing Unit). This is the brain of the computer. The processor takes instructions from the memory and performs the actions and returns a value.
??????? RAM (Random Access Memory), or memory is the component that handles open windows when you are using your computer. This is available when the computer is on but not available when the computer is off, unlike storage or a hard disk.
??????? Hard Disk ???????? This is storage and there are many types and speeds of storage. They are typically listed by capacity and then speed of read write access. Example: 500GB (the capacity) 7200RPM (the speed)

When baselining workstations it can be rather simple. For most standard business workloads, Systech recommends a Windows 64-bit professional Operating System, 8 gigabytes of RAM (Random Access Memory), an Intel core i5 processor. Yet it is also important to understand the need of the organization at the time computers are purchased. It may be necessary to increase specifications from the baseline due to an expected heavy workload, such as the machine being used for Autocad advanced modeling. Should the need for a workstation be simple tasks, for example reading email and accessing data on websites, and creating documents maybe the machine specifications could be reduced below the standard baseline.


Most of the Windows Operating Systems including Windows XP and some Windows 7 were 32-bit systems. These operating systems could only use a maximum of 4GB of RAM due to their construction. This limited the ability for the computer open multiple applications and perform many tasks at the same time. This is why the 64-bit operating system was created. The 64-bit operating system, Windows 10 in particular, has the ability to use up to 2 TB, yes that????????s correct two terabytes of RAM. Yet a 64-bit operating system can only be used with a 64-bit CPU. An example of how these components work together might be explained using the calculator application on your computer. You click to open the calculator application and this application was installed onto the storage or hard disk, the time it takes for this application to open may be dependent on the speed of the storage. Some RAM is now used as the calculator application sis now open and running. You input 4, multiplied by 2, then hit enter. When you hit enter the application uses the RAM memory to send instructions to the CPU asking for the answer to 4 times 2. The CPU then does the calculation and sends the response to the application running in the memory. Which displays the returned value in the calculator application. So if you????????re doing a lot of different tasks in multiple programs as most business users do, a lot of RAM paired with a fast processor is highly recommended to ensure fast performance. You can imagine all the calculations a computer may be requiring to model out an automotive part in 3D if you were an engineer for Ford or Mercedes.
Meeting these requirements also helps Systech technicians rule out some causes for slow performing machines. If you can limit the probabilities of problems or in other words, know that the hardware is not a limiter than you have less to look at when the computer user reports that something isn????????t running correctly or their machine is running slow. This helps getting your machine back to running the way it should, in a shorter timeframe. Being able to rule out hardware as an issue saves our customer????????s time and money. It means that your employee is being as productive as possible.