How to Disable Windows 10 Location Tracking

Windows has come a long way and is a great product but more and more we are seeing a blatant disregard of privacy in the digital world. Windows 10 by default turns on location tracking so that it can provide location-based reminders, maps, restaurants, etc. but leaving this enabled also means you have limited privacy in an online world. Below, I will show you how to disable location tracking in Windows 10. Thankfully, Microsoft also provides the ability for their end users to disable these ‘features’ on an application and/or account basis allowing you to tailor which apps and accounts are being tracked.


Disable Location Tracking

The steps below will allow you to disable location tracking. If you prefer here is a link to a video walkthrough –

  1. Open Settings 
  2. Navigate to Privacy
  3. Click on Location
  4. Under “location”, click the Change button, then turn off the toggle switch under Location for this device.
  5. Click Clear under “Location History” to remove any data that was previously collected on this device.


Windows 10 Location Settings
Windows 10 Location Settings


The steps above will completely disable location tracking on your computer. If you prefer to turn off location tracking on individual applications that can be done using the on/off toggle switches below. It’s worth noting that these steps will only disable tracking on your account. If there are multiple people using this device, they must also follow the steps above to turn off location tracking in Windows 10.