How to Begin Your Managed Services Journey


There is much ambiguity today surrounding Managed Services, namely how Managed IT Services work and the process needed to begin an IT partnership. In this article, I will explain how we traditionally bring on new clients and our procedure for on-boarding. Ultimately, a Managed Services agreement is designed to monitor, manage, and maintain a corporate network but there can be barriers to entering into an MSP plan.


Ensure a Successful IT Partnership 

Think of Managed IT Services as like a warranty for your corporate network along with alerts and recommendations designed to prevent issues before they happen (and ultimately impact your business or your bottom-line). As an MSP, we work towards eliminating problems before they happen. Since our clients pay a fixed monthly cost for their IT services it’s in our best interest as their Managed Services Provider to make sure there are no issues as this impacts our profits. The single hardest task that we have as your 3rd party IT provider is to change your perspective towards business technology and to break old habits that can cause long-term issues. Some common behaviors that we see:


  • Downstreaming/repurposing old hardware
  • Buying under-powered computers to save a few bucks
  • Running production servers for more than 5 years
  • Not effectively communicating important company changes (involve us – we’re a team!)
  • Lack of involvement in IT


Be Ready to Break Bad IT Habits

Reusing old computers causes many issues like performance issues, security issues, and management issues. Ultimately, it costs more in labor and setup to move an old machine down the line than it would be to simply replace the aging machine. This is because the older hardware is more likely to fail, and since it performs poorly you are limiting your employee’s productivity as well. It also takes more time to manage and ensure updates which in turn impact security. Many people do not consider the hidden costs associated with retaining hardware that is past its useful life. The same things goes for purchasing under powered equipment – it costs you more in lost productivity than the few hundred dollars you end up saving on the purchase. If your employee has to wait 10 minutes everyday for an application to load, this adds up to 50 minutes per work week or about 40 hours per year. And this is simply opening an application, what about the time lost when they perform other tasks? Without having an open-mind and embracing our shared IT vision you will not have a successful Managed IT Services relationship. IT is sort of like taxes. Do you do your own taxes? you might, but I bet you don’t do the taxes for your business on your own. It’s the same way with IT – let us help you because we do this everyday. 





Find an MSP Suited for Your Company

There are a million different Managed Service Providers out there so picking a good one might be a daunting task. We often find that other organizations are very good at sales but leave much to be desired from a technical standpoint. Find some providers that offer the mix of services that your company needs. Then ask for testimonials, case studies, and references to ensure they can deliver on their promises. Another consideration is their pricing model – find out if you can easily understand what you would be charged for as transparency into their services is important. 




Get a Quote

The first step to starting your journey is to allow us to perform a network assessment and provide a formal quote. This can then be used to compare and contrast against other Managed Service Providers. 






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