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Gartner Predicts 80% of Businesses to Suffer Revenue Loss

Gartner predicts 80% of businesses will suffer revenue loss by not supporting Web-based customer service on mobile devices.

Many companies already realize this threat of this revenue loss, and workforce mobilization has become a key competitive requirement as they seek to create greater intimacy and presence with customers.

However, enabling mobility is more than just providing laptops, tablets and mobile phones to users and sending them out into the field.

It????????s about selecting the appropriate technologies and developing the right user experience so users can be productive and take advantage of this new work paradigm.While laptops will always play a critical role in the mobile toolset, smartphones and tablets introduce some unique advantages ideally suited for mobile professionals, especially for CRM.

These advantages of mobile devices, as measured against traditional laptop computing, are:

  • Form factor ???????? Smartphones and tablets are far less obtrusive than laptops ???????? ideally suited for tightly packed airline seats, taxis, or subways. They are often used for pre-meeting research before customer engagements and they ensure that data is always available and accessible and not confined to those situations where it????????s ???????convenient??????? to use ???????? it????????s always convenient.
  • Immediacy ???????? Real-time information access and capture requires a device that is ready on touch. Smartphones and tablets are specifically designed to be highly responsive and available. This ensures that valuable customer data and opportunities are always captured.
  • Discreetness ???????? For capturing or referencing timely data, it????????s not always practical, convenient, or even appropriate to pull out a laptop during a face-to-face conversation. Mobile devices provide a level of discreetness that doesn????????t disrupt business flow or conversations when being accessed to retrieve or input information.

These important characteristics of today????????s mobile devices are what make them candidates to take CRM ???????mobile.??????? By providing CRM users with the information they need, when they need it, without complexity or obtrusiveness, smartphones equipped with CRM data and functionality can provide significant value to a mobile workforce.




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