Foxit Data Breach

Popular PDF software company, Foxit, recently had a breach involving the information from 328,000 users. The compromised data, according to an article by SecurityWeek, “includes names, email addresses, passwords, phone numbers, company names, and IP addresses, but payment information was not exposed.”

According to the software company, the My Account service was found to have been compromised and passwords of the affected user accounts have been reset as a security measure. Further, Foxit has hired a security management firm, not only to help prevent future attacks, but to also investigate the incident.

According to a statement by Foxit,

“Foxit recommends its customers to not underestimate the risk of the data breach and to remain vigilant. Customers that use their Foxit “My Account” credentials on other websites or services are encouraged to change their passwords to prevent unauthorized access. Foxit also recommends customers to remain vigilant by reviewing account statements and monitoring credit reports to avoid identity theft. Customers should furthermore be aware that fraudsters may use their data to gather further information by deception (“phishing”).”