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Find out how you can have a datacenter without boundaries



Cloud services and the entire cloud itself may be a difficult concept to understand, but it’s ok! Today, this is the case with most individuals and as the pace of technology increases so too does the complexity of managing all these technologies.One person would never be able to retain that vast pool of knowledge necessary to stay current in such an environment. Yet this is why everyone is so excited about Microsoft’s Windows Azure, and more specifically Azure Site Backup and Recovery and the real world profit potentials it can deliver to your organization. Microsoft has taken their Windows Server OS Platform, Microsoft System Center, and Microsoft Azure (the platform) and integrated them with one another. Microsoft states, “You can take advantage of innovation across the datacenter and the cloud to simplify your infrastructure and speed delivery of services to the business.”. Due to the increasing pace at which we do business many times organizations are circumventing traditional IT and this opens your company up to risk and adds additional overhead due to misconfigurations and a lack of resources. Azure allows your IT to do more for less. Keep your business competitive with the Microsoft cloud platform.

  • Microsoft’s focus is to create the datacenter without boundaries. This will enable you to treat your IT infrastructure, your IT estate as a seamless sea of infrastructure, whether that is running in your datacenter, a service provider’s datacenter, in Microsoft????????s datacenter with Windows Azure ???????? or a combination of all three.



See how you can have a datacenter without boundaries