Dropbox Is Going Public, IPO Announced – DBX

Dropbox is going public and in an updated prospectus announced plans to sell 36 million shares between $16 and $18 per share. They hope to raise over $600 million in their stock market debut and are currently valued at about $7.5 billion, down about 20% from 2015. As part of their initial offering, Salesforce has agreed to buy $100 million worth of Dropbox Class A shares which comes with a 2% voting power while the rest of the vote will stay with the Class B shareholders. Before getting out your checkbook and talking to your stock broker you might want to reconsider as Dropbox has a history of net losses and according to their prospectus,

We have a history of net losses, we anticipate increasing expenses in the future, and we may not be able to achieve or maintain profitability.”

Only time will tell whether Dropbox is a Silicon Valley unicorn like FaceBook, or a miserable failure like Snap but be sure to keep your eye on the DBX ticker.