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Determining Website effectiveness?

As a company seeking market share, competing against slews of competitors, how does one produce a website that is effective in garnering profits? Effectiveness of a website for a company is relative to market segmentation and can be judged by its ability to bring in potential clients from their target market segments. While we could delve into the minutia encountered by each individual industry and their associated target markets, it makes more sense to discuss what features lead to website effectiveness overall on a general scale.



A main header with quick links to major product categories keeps the viewer interested and allows them to navigate your website quickly and easily which ends up lowering the bounce rate per session. Additionally, a centered main-page area that features a slideshow of advertisements, sales, and promotions with catch peoples eye and ideally will boost your websites call to action conversion rates. We certainly cannot leave out brand awareness! Each website should have your company’s logo at the top of every page and depending on your business it would be worth including a link to login or register. If the barriers to website registration are low then chances are you will increase the pool of marketable prospects. This is also a great way to build up your mailing list! Understandably not every company has a physical product but if you offer software to your clients, making site registration mandatory before having the ability to download is another simple step to raising your user list. The design of your website is just as important as the content as ugly landing pages can drive away potential clients. When designing your website keep in mind the power of white space, and that less is often more. Lastly, people respond to clean, interactive, and responsive designs and this should also be taken into consideration when planning your website.


  • Main header with simple navigation
  • main page image slider
  • Site registration / subscription form
  • interactive/responsive design
  • less-is-more page design