Common WiFi Protocol WPA2 Has Been Hacked

How To Hack WPA2-PSK Secured Wi-Fi Password Using Kali Linux

WPA2 has been hacked. It has been discovered that the WPA2 (Wireless Protected Access version 2) protocol for WiFi networks has a serious flaw that has been exploited. This means that anyone with a wireless router using this protocol is at risk. The exploit was discovered by Mathy Vanhoef, a cybersecurity expert at Belgian University KU Leuven. According to Vanhoef,

“We discovered a serious weakness in WPA2, a protocol that secures all modern protected WiFi networks. An attacker within range of a victim can exploit these weaknesses using key reinstallation attacks (KRACKs). Concretely, attackers can use this novel attack technique to read information that was previously assumed to be safely encrypted.”

Basically, if the flaw within WPA2 encryption protocol can be successfully exploited a cybercriminal could spy on your data and gain access to other unsecured devices within your network.

WPA2 Hack
WPA2 Hack

How to protect yourself from the Krack WPA2 Hack

  1. Avoid untrusted or public WiFi networks
  2. Avoid websites that don’t use SSL (https) encryption
  3. Install any updates available for your modem
  4. Switch WiFi networks to use at minimum a WPA2-PSK (AES) – this will make it less vulnerable but will still be vulnerable to this new WPA2 exploit. As well, it’s a good idea to switch away from mixed mode (WPAWPA2-PSK, TKIP/AES) as this allows for WPA to be used for devices that do not support the WPA2 protocol. WPA is much more vulnerable than WPA2 and should be disabled.





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