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Comcast’s New Gigabit Fiber Offering

According to an article by Tony Werner, Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer in Technology, Comcast is beginning to roll out its new Gigabit internet service with its first customer testing in Philadelphia. The new service is Comcast????????s answer to compete with Google fiber (Google’s highspeed internet offering).

With traditional fiber services, there are costly fees for running all new fiber cables and setting up service, but Comcast gigabit is designed to be compatible with their existing hybrid coaxial fiber networks so setting up the service will be less expensive. They should be able to provide the new service to virtually all of their existing customers. Being able to roll this service out to almost of all their customers versus Google Fiber which will require all new cable runs to anyone wishing to sign up for their service gives Comcast a competitive edge.  Google Fiber is also only available to a few cities and only has a few more where the service will soon be offered. Currently, Comcast offers a 2Gpbs plan at $300 dollars per month and is limited to customers within one third of a mile from Comcast????????s fiber network. The new Comcast gigabit service will use a new DOCSIS 3.1 modem which is how they will deliver the gigabit speeds over there current cable runs and into customers???????? homes. Although Comcast????????s means of delivering gigabit speeds to customers will be more efficient and cost effective it will no doubt be a costly service for the average home user. Only time will tell if this service is the ‘slam-dunk’ that it appears to be but personally, I am concerned with the reliability of the existing coaxial lines as Comcast has been having more and more outages.