Comcast ‘Blips’ in Chicagoland Area Increasing

Comcast Service Blips

Our technical staff has noted recently that Comcast ‘Blips’ in the Chicagoland area are increasing in frequency. In this case, a ‘blip’ can best be described as a very short and intermittent Internet service interruption. Often, this type of disconnection from Internet access will cause one to briefly lose connection to remote systems like cloud hosted infrastructure, remote RDS connections, and VPN connections. These types of interruptions are not considered full outages as services are usually restored within a few minutes yet we are seeing them happen in more frequency for our customers in Illinois. As well, we are only seeing these ‘blips’ occur with Comcast (Xfinity) Internet services.


Comcast-Outage-Map-2017-06-29 | Source:


Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done to correct these periodic issues aside from implementing a secondary failover internet connection (from a different provider) OR by switching your primary Internet Service Provider (ISP) to AT&T or other regional ISPs like AccessOne or Wide Open West (WOW). Below are a list of resources that might be helpful:


Comcast Service Status:

All available providers for Illinois Chicagoland area:




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