Codename: FASTER

Trans-pacific Fiber Line

Google along with 5 other international tech companies partnered to build a trans-pacific fiber optic cable. Codenamed FASTER, the cable spans 5,592 miles from the western coast of the U.S. to Japan. Since this new line went live last Thursday it has cost 300 million dollars. Most notably, it carries data at speeds up to 60 terabits per second. This cable is coated in a jelly compound and wrapped in steel tubes protecting it from water, immense ocean pressures, and extremely harsh conditions.


The Impact

Broadband internet traffic speeds between Asia and the US are expected to increase 4 times According to The FASTER cable was installed in an effort to support expected traffic increases between the continents.  As a result, American’s will experience reduced website load times for Asia domains and downloadable content will be faster than before. For users in Asia they will receive faster access to google apps and US hosted cloud services.


Check out this video for more information: