Chicago Is Getting…Boring


It was announced today by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel that Elon Musk’s Boring Company will be working in Chicago to build, “an 18-mile high-speed connector between downtown Chicago and O’Hare International Airport.” according to an article by Wired. Reportedly public funds will not be used for this new construction and the city and the Boring company enter negotiations in 1 month. The proposal included 16 pods for passengers which would travel at speeds up to 150Mph and would be able to shuttle passengers to and from in just 12 minutes. The system would have the ability to carry 2,000 passengers in each director per hour – for just $20-$25 each ride. The company has yet to comment about the route they will take for this project. The verdict is out whether or not this project will be done successfully and on-time and budget given that similar projects in Seattle took around $2 billion to implement, and took $4.8 billion for New York to get their 2-mile 2nd Avenue tunnel constructed. Either way, it should add to the already heavy traffic and construction around the Chicago area already.


Let’s hope this proves to be a successful decision by the City of Chicago.


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