Get More Productive With Cortana Voice Commands

Microsoft????????s Cortana personal assistant in windows 10 has a lot of cool and useful features. I decide to explore some of the features and commands that would be most useful in the workplace.  Here is a list of ten commands you can type or speak into Cortana and some examples of these commands in use.

Invoice Overhaul

We have been hard at work creating a custom written invoice based on feedback from our customers. Today, we are happy to announce that we will be going live with the new custom written invoice after the next billing cycle. This should make it easier to understand and allow for our services to be more transparent for our valued clients. Check out the exclusive preview below and let us know what you think!!

Upcoming Tech in 2015 – a New Year of Innovation

With the New Year around the corner you can expect lots of new, shiny, and innovative technology in your future. From wearable goodies to bendable screens this upcoming year could prove exciting! While this is definitely not everything, these are the technologies that stood out. Samsung announced plans for a smartphone with a bendable display. According Lee Chang-hoon at the Samsung Investor Forum 2014 held in New York, Samsung ???????will secure production capacity of 30,000 to 40,000 by the end of next year. We plan to provide consumers with a product that has a flexible display by the end of the year.??????? Which will prove to be a huge competitive edge for Samsung in this upcoming year.

Uber’s Questionable Business Practices Prove Profitable

Amidst the growing number of concerns about extemporaneous business practices, Uber????????s actions have stirred retaliation from local and federal governments around the world. Currently Uber services have been banned or suspended in Nevada, Delhi India, Thailand, Colombia, Rio de Janeiro, Brussels, Berlin & Hamburg, and the Netherlands. They have also been sued by the city of Portland, Oregon to stop operating within city limits. They have been sued in Los Angeles and San Francisco over consumer protection issues.  Toronto asks courts to shut down Uber services due to safety concerns and According to an article titled Prosecutors in San Francisco and Los Angeles Sue Uber, Settle With Lyft by Katy Steinmetz of Time Magazine, ???????New Dehli and Portland are moving to block service like Uber from operating, due to concerns about oversight and safety???????. Below you can see a Bloomberg infographic from Alex Tribou which illustrates where Uber operates and where it????????s been shut down.Capture

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