One Email Protocol to Rule Them All

Email has been around for a long time now and has since branched out and found a strong foothold in modern business. The email systems of the past are shades of what they are today – yet it’s surprising to me that people are still oblivious to the 3 major protocols that our power our mail services. This is especially shocking given the important nature of these services so today we will be discussing what these major 3 email protocols are, and what differentiates them from one another.

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Our Favorite Gadgets for the Techie in Your Life

With the holidays coming up there has been one thing on everyone’s mind: what do I get for the geek in my life? Techie oriented people can be difficult to shop for so we have complied a list of all the best gadgets and cool technology to make your life easier this Christmas season. There are lots of fun, new gadgets available today so picking between them can be tricky. Don’t settle on a BestBuy giftcard, get them something they will truly enjoy… or just treat yourself! 

What Is Virtualization?

Virtualization in the IT world is the creation of a software version of hardware compute resources like storage (hard drives), processors, memory (RAM), and main/mother boards. These software-defined resources are used with a virtualization platform that looks at this software code and puts it together to create a virtual machine (VM). This VM acts as a traditional hardware-defined workstation or server and they do not realize that they are not physical machines. As opposed to putting together these physical components to create a traditional workstation or server, we put together these software-defined hardware components and create a VM. Once this happens we can then boot to installation media and install an Operating System just the same. The interaction with is the same as a physical machine with some added benefits. Since we are abstracting the hardware layer and dynamically allocating these software-defined resources we can now pool all the physical back-end hardware into, what I would call, hardware silos or hardware resource pools.

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