One Email Protocol to Rule Them All

Email has been around for a long time now and has since branched out and found a strong foothold in modern business. The email systems of the past are shades of what they are today – yet it’s surprising to me that people are still oblivious to the 3 major protocols that our power our mail services. This is especially shocking given the important nature of these services so today we will be discussing what these major 3 email protocols are, and what differentiates them from one another.

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Our Favorite Gadgets for the Techie in Your Life

With the holidays coming up there has been one thing on everyone’s mind: what do I get for the geek in my life? Techie oriented people can be difficult to shop for so we have complied a list of all the best gadgets and cool technology to make your life easier this Christmas season. There are lots of fun, new gadgets available today so picking between them can be tricky. Don’t settle on a BestBuy giftcard, get them something they will truly enjoy… or just treat yourself! 

July Power User Tech Tips


Systech is beginning a series of helpful tech tips and shortcuts that will enable everyone in your organization to be a power user. This will increase your productivity and save you time. We will be showing you how to be the most productive while you are computing. We are going to start with the things everyone should already know before diving into more advanced computing tips and tricks. So, without further adieu here are July’s Power User Tech Tips.

Stores to Stop Sales of Windows 7 and 8.1 Devices

Microsoft has issued a deadline for manufacturers to sell all devices running windows 7 and 8.1 by October 31st of 2016. After which they will only be able to sell windows 10 devices. If you prefer a windows 7 or 8.1 device, you will only be able to get it from left over stocks vendors haven????????t sold. For example, when October 31st comes around in 2016 you can only get those devices if stores like best buy or microcenter haven????????t sold them all. Windows 7 and 8.1 PC????????s have the same sell by deadline while windows 8 PC????????s have a deadline of June 30th of 2016. Normally windows 7 would have had to be sold sooner than that but since it is one of the most widely used and favorited operating systems they decided to push the deadline back. The longest time between release date and end of sales pre-installed on PC????????s was 9 years with Windows XP. Even though Microsoft is imposing a deadline to sell devices with those operating systems pre-installed they will still be offering support for the next 5 years. Windows 7 will be supported until January 14th of 2020 and windows 8 will be supported until January of 2023. Since Windows 10 is brand new, a date has not been determined for the sale of devices with it pre-installed or support of the product. If you were thinking about getting a brand new device within in the next year, I????????d recommend just going for windows 10. It????????s the best of Windows 7 and 8.1, and then some. Below is the table from Microsoft’s site With the end of support and sales dates for Windows operating systems.

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