Buying a New Computer? Don’t Forget These 3 Things

Often people do not take into consideration outside factors when buying a new computer or new technology. While these external variables might not be as critical as the actual machine hardware specifications – it is still important. Traditionally, these other factors are directly related to environment. More specifically power, temperature, and debris. So when buying a new computer you will want to keep the following in mind to hopefully prevent hardware failures in the future. 

High Availability: 24/7 for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses

Often Small and Mid-sized businesses are limited in their technology choices due to costs and availability. They are too small for enterprise level software and wouldn’t realize any value from such a large investment but need a way to stay competitive. At the same time – they might have outgrown technology solutions that used to work for them. They are now in a technological no-mans land where seemingly few solutions exist. This is the perception of many small & mid-sized businesses when considering 24/7 operations as a competitive advantage in a global marketplace. Amazon is a great example of how their anytime, anywhere approach to commerce has them posting record breaking $513 Million profits last April.

October Power User Tech Tips

With everyone gearing up for the holiday season and striving to get everything done before the year end it’s even more important that you and your team members are as productive as possible so this month’s article will feature productivity and time saving apps. In case you’ve missed our last installments of the Power User Tech Tips I have listed them below. 

Reporting in Office 365

Today I will be discussing reporting in Office 365 via the Reporting Web Service. Microsoft, by default, has reporting available in the admin portal but has some limitations. While there is a wealth of information available in the various reports, only 4 of these reports can be scheduled. If you have administrative access to your O365 tenant you can see all the available reports by clicking the admin icon in the app launcher and navigating to the Reports section.

The Business Benefits of a BYOD Solution

If you don????????t know what BYOD is, don’t be concerned because you are not alone. BYOD stands for bring your own device. Many companies face the decision whether to allow employees to bring and use their own personal devices for corporate purposes. There are many benefits of a BYOD solution for your organization beyond enabling your mobile workforce.

Slow or Sluggish Wi-Fi?

I have often been presented with a question by new customers concerning their wireless networking. Why is my wi-fi coverage so poor and so slow? First, let me frame the scenario. Most of the time these are small business that have already installed a wireless network. This may have been done by themselves or a technical services company they had worked with in the past.

September Power User Tech Tips

Welcome back to our 3rd issue of our Power User Tech Tips. Today we will be reviewing some commonly overlooked yet powerfully productive features of Windows 10 that will save you time. As always – leave a comment if you think something should be showcased and was not mentioned. If you’ve missed the previous issues feel free to check them out:

It’s All About IOPS

When it comes to Server storage options, there are good options and bad. With today’s multi-core processors and high memory capacity, the one typical bottleneck of server performance is IOPS (input / output operations per second) of the disk subsystem. Most Ultrabooks come with an SSD (Solid State Drive) and performance is outstanding and it’s all because SSD disks deliver outstanding IOPS. (For more information check out our article on workstation performance.)

Microsoft Bookings: A Publicly Available Scheduling Web App
What is Microsoft Bookings?

Microsoft has released a new Office 365 web application to allow your customers to schedule appointments with your business. This new product is simple to use and let’s your customers select the service they want. Once selected, they can choose a date and time based on availability you provide. The benefit is that you don’t have to email and call back and forth to get a meeting scheduled. Microsoft Bookings will then add the appointment to your employees calendar accordingly. As well, anyone can access your bookings page without the need for an Office 365 account. The publically available URL looks great on any device to make it easy to get things done.

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