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August Power User Tech Tips


This month’s issue of Power User Tech Tips will dive into some cool advanced features of Windows 10 that everyone running this Operating System will already have. We will be discussing virtual desktops, productivity hacks and tricks, and the Chrome browser. If you haven’t already, you might want to take a peak at last month’s discussion for common keyboard shortcuts that I use daily. Let’s dive in!


Task View in Windows 10

With the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has included a really powerful feature that was previously only found on Linux based machines. This is called Task View, which allows you to have multiple segmented workspaces. If you have lots of programs open at one time, this feature allows you to keep them organized. To access this Task View click the following icon in your taskbar as pictured below.

Once you click this icon (or use the windows key  + tab shortcut) you will see the following screen.



Now you can see all the open windows that you have. You can create a new desktop (identical to your existing desktop) by clicking the button in the bottom right hand corner. All the windows you see are running on Desktop 1. You can click a windows to maximize or you can drag and drop a windows onto the other desktop. Alternatively, you can right click the window and select where to move it. To close a desktop, just move your mouse cursor over the Desktop you want to close and click the X button that appears. It gets even better! When you close a desktop that you created, the windows stay open and get moved to your active desktop. I use this feature all the time when I am working on various different tasks.


Quick Access

Another couple of quick tips that I often find myself using are major time savers. When most people try to find and launch an application they are used to clicking the start button, clicking all programs, and then scrolling down the list to find and click that icon. I recommend getting used to using the windows key – it’s your best friend! The best way to launch an application in Windows 10 (applies to 8.1, 8, and 7 as well) is to hit the windows key on your keyboard and start typing the name of the application. Try doing this with Microsoft word right now if you have time. Click the windows key, and start typing word, then click enter when it shows up. It’s just that simple.



With the recent releases of Windows you may have noticed the new browser called Edge. I do not care for it but to each their own. I use Google Chrome for my daily activities and love it. There are lots of great features available which make it easier to perform my functions on a day to day basis. I like that I can also install Chrome on all my devices and get a uniform experience. It also syncs my bookmarks, saved passwords and form data, and browsing history. On top of all that, Chrome has powerful plugins and extensions that make it a productivity champion. There are millions of applications and extensions that integrate directly with Chrome. We even developed a simple Chrome extension for our customers that allows you to quickly contact support or quickly jump into a remote support session without having to navigate away from your current page. Check it out in the Chrome Webstore



Thanks for tuning in for our Monthly Power User Tech Tips. If you have software or tricks/tips that you think others will benefit from please feel free to write a comment or send us an email so that others can benefit. If you need any additional information or have questions I would be happy to speak with you one-on-one. Don’t forget to visit next month for more time saving tips and tricks because anyone can become a power user!