AT&T Ending Sales of User Data


If you are shocked to find out that AT&T is going to stop selling their users’ data, you aren’t alone. AT&T just announced that it will stop the sale of user data to third-party location services entirely, even if it might be beneficial for their consumers.

AT&T had the following to say in an emailed statement,

“Last year we stopped most location aggregation services while maintaining some that protect our customers, such as roadside assistance and fraud prevention. In light of recent reports about the misuse of location services, we have decided to eliminate all location aggregation services – even those with clear consumer benefits.”

AT&T Emailed Statement

This follows a recent scandal exposed by MotherBoard, a popular technology news company that found the data was being re-sold by these third-parties on the black market, allowing just about anyone to get the location of people’s phones. Glad to hear the major providers are making an actual effort to secure our data, now that they got taken to task.

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