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Not only can we help your company know when something happens to your data, we can prevent it from walking out the door.

Comprehensive Data Security

What Is The Scribe Management Suite (SMS)?

SMS is the suite of the products which, together, provide a comprehensive security and compliance solution for your business. These products are Scribe Intelligence for actionable insights into your employee’s computing behaviors, Scribe Secure then allows you to act on those insights, and Scibe Flow can help automate repetitive computer-based tasks.

Scribe Intelligence (Actionable Insights)

Provides actionable insights into the behavior of your employees. This allows you to see which websites they are viewing, how much time they are spending on each task, which applications they are using, and gives you an overview of their day-to-day activities. Information such as this can be leveraged to see if your staff is keeping on track, how they are performing, and will give you an understanding if there is something preventing them from being efficient (is the PC performing slowly, is the app slowing them down, are they gambling instead of working, etc.). You cannot manage what you cannot see.


Scribe Secure (Protect Intellectual Property)

The next step is to protect your business and data from malicious or inept personnel by controlling what actions they can perform. This allows you to prevent your data from leaking or being stolen by limiting and reporting on user actions. Hardware controls, clipboard monitoring, application access, document fingerprinting, and screen captures allow you to stop and document the action so that you can educate your employees without having a breach. Further, data-centric protection can also be enabled such as file shadowing, content profiling, email encryption/archive, and other document management features. This software allows businesses to completely secure their sensitive data and other intellectual property PRIOR to a breach.


Scribe Flow (Workflow Automation)

Beyond just logging user actions and protecting your data, SMS allows for process automation. Any manual process that takes place on a PC can be automated saving your business time and money. This could include data migrations from one system into another, repetitive form entry in multiple different websites, and any other workflow that you can think of that takes place on a computer.


The Bottom Line?

The cumulative result of the Scribe Management Suite is an efficient, secure operating environment for your employees

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